4 Solar Myths Busted

solar-835894_1920Did you know that the United States is now producing more solar panel systems than natural gas power plants? This means that more and more people are realizing the amazing benefits of solar power energy. With that being said, there are many myths out there that simply are not true.

Keep reading as we explain why four of them are false.

Myth Number 1: Solar panels are loud
Although it can be a large piece of equipment, it is not loud at all. In fact, there are no moving parts, so the solar panels are practically silent. The inverter may sometimes make a humming voice; however this will stop at night, and most modern ones are a lot quieter.

Myth Number 2: All solar panels make your home look bad
Homeowners have many options for how they want their home solar panels to look. Solar power companies offer many different types such as solar shingles so that they do not stand out.

Myth Number 3: They are too expensive
Although they do have a higher upfront cost, many businesses will give you the option of a payment plan. However, you end up saving money in the long run. You can save hundreds of dollars every single month on your electric bills. You are also able to write off thirty percent of the solar energy system for your taxes the following year.

Myth Number 4: Solar panels don’t work in the winter
If there is any daylight areas in your area, then a solar panel will be equally as effective in winter. For example, Utah receives a lot of snow in the winter. Even so, the state actually has enough solar power potential to power the entire country. Simply clear off the snow around the panels for them to work at their best.

Solar panels are becoming more and more popular. We hear myths all the time, and want you to understand how these are not true. Many people make assumptions after seeing them. These low maintenance panels are a fantastic way to provide electricity for your entire family.

If you have any other questions about solar panels or something that you have heard, contact us today!