5Complimentary devices can be added to achieve functions which greatly improve the versatility of your Power System:

Remote Display/Control – This accessory allows the extension of a User Interface Module to convenient or accessible location. A Remote Display/Control is often incorporated when the Power Management Unit is housed outside, or in a basement. It can provide quick information about the state of the power system, including faults or critical conditions. The controls allow the user to quickly toggle system parameters.

Auto-Gen start – Allows the remote control of fuel based generators. This is extremely useful when Power Storage is involved, as the Power Management System will be able to command the generator to start before the Power Storage is critically low. The Power Management System can also be designed to operate a generator for high power equipment such as air conditioners which would quickly drain your Power Storage.

Battery Monitoring – While it is easy to assess the voltage level of your Power Storage Unit, this may not be a true indicator of the amount of energy remaining. Battery Monitoring kits will provide measurements related to the state of charge of the battery. This is a more reliable method of analyzing Power Storage levels.

Flood Detection – Sensors can be used to detect the presence of water on the floor or in other areas that could potentially pose a risk to your power system, or that might indicate some other unsafe condition.