There are many sources from which we can harness the power you need. Selecting the ideal source will be based on your location, and the features peculiar to your environment and its geography. Harnessing power from the sun via interacting with Solar Rays, Wind, or Flowing Water produces ‘Clean Energy’, signifying little or no harmful by-products.

If you are living in the city, the local utility grid is likely to be your main source of power. Solar Grid-Tied Systems are designed to connect seamlessly to your local grid and offset the power you consume. Within a few years, the savings earned from a Grid-Tied System will be equivalent to the upfront implementation cost. Contact us to see if a Solar Grid-Tied System is the right solution for your high electricity bill.

Many persons desire the peace and tranquillity of remote living which often leads them to reside or vacation outside the boundaries of the utility grid. Others choose Off-Grid living for the joy of independence. In these scenarios, it is advisable to have two or more power sources, which may be Clean Energy sources, or some combination with a fuel based generator. Contact us to discuss the options available for your unique situation. We provide Solar Panels, Micro-Hydro Generators and Wind Turbines for Clean Energy production, along with propane or diesel Generators as a secondary or tertiary source of power.

We combine suitable Power Sources with Power Management and Power Storage units to create complete power systems suited for full- time Off-Grid living, seasonal or vacation retreats, Remote Stations and Work sites, as well as Recreational Vehicles (RV) and other portable applications.