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carmanahlogoNova is an authorized distributor for Carmanah Technologies Inc. Carmanah is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of patented, proprietary solar-powered LED lighting solutions. These solar powered beacons are completely self-contained and are designed to be used virtually anywhere on earth for applications that require reliable safety, navigation, or hazard marker lighting.

Directional Roadway Light: Range of up to 1 Mile (1.6 Kilometers)

200-series-model-201-web-lrg$279.00 (no switch) $294.00 (with switch)
Imagine… no external wiring, no trenching, and no maintenance for up to 5 years … The 201 is reliable, durable, and a cost-effective solar lighting solution designed specifically for roadway applications. Available in amber or red with either a steady or flashing mode (60 flashes per minute), the 201 installs quickly using two bolts and can be permanently installed on roadway signs or used as a temporary highway hazard marker. Using an innovative combination of solar and LED technology the Model 201 establishes a new paradigm in the world of roadway / highway lighting products – making it possible to provide hazard marking or sign enhancement lighting in locations previously considered unfeasible for electrical lighting. Even for urban areas, the no-maintenance design permits financial savings not available with traditional hard-wired lighting.

Marine Light: Range up to 1 Nautical Mile (1.8 Kilometers)

500-series-model-501-flange-base-switch-web-lrg$236.00 (no switch) $339.00 (with switch)
The 501 is a multi-purpose marine light suitable for virtually any navigation or hazard-marking requirement up to a 1 nautical mile range. Available in green, red, amber, white and blue with 7 standard flash patterns, this model has been used for lighting applications as diverse as marking mooring buoys, research buoys, private and commercial docks, breakwaters, swim rafts and aquaculture farm perimeters, etc. The 501 has also been used for numerous land applications as well, including marking the location of bus stops, emergency phone booths, campground washrooms and even farm buildings.

Marine Light: Range up to 2 Nautical Miles (3.6 Kilometers)

This 601 has been used around the world on aids to navigation and buoys, as well as on industrial/commercial marine facilities such as piers, wharves, pilings, and breakwaters. The 601 is available in green, red, amber, white, and blue with over 200 IALA approved flash patterns. Flash pattern selection, intensity/autonomy level selection, battery testing, and other functions are programmable using an optional infrared remote.

700 Series Marine Lights:Range up to 3 Nautical Miles (4.8 Kilometers)





700 Series Carmanah Lights are the worlds most advanced unitized navigation light. Designed under contract with the U.S. Coast Guard, the 700 series are the first self-contained LED navigation lights developed for use in the United States Navigational Aid system. Utilizing a patented combination of solar-power and high intensity LED technologies, the 700 Series provide extended, worry-free lighting for a range of up to 3 nautical miles, depending on the flash pattern required.
Flash pattern selection, intensity/autonomy level selection, battery testing, and other functions are programmable using an optional infrared remote control. Other options include a bird spike and/or additional lens-mounted solar panel.

Features a battery capacity of 15Ah, the 701 is designed for reliable operation at latitudes between 55º North and South in regions that receive a daily minimum of 1.5 sun hours, 365 days per year. The 702 features a battery capacity of 24Ah and twice the solar charging capability of the 701, the 702 is designed to operate normally at virtually all latitudes that receive a daily minimum of 1 sun hour, 365 days per year.

“Carmanah Lights” are unique in the world of navigation and hazard marker lighting. Completely integrated and self-contained, Carmanah Lights come in green, red, amber, white and blue with visibilities ranging from one to three nautical miles. They can be programmed to produce over 200 of the world’s standard IALA flash characters and are designed to operate flawlessly for up to 5 years, depending on the installation location. In addition, all Carmanah Lights come complete with both a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 3-year limited warranty -one of the strongest warranties in the industry.
Solid, Leading Edge Performance
LED (light emitting diode) technology represents the most fundamental improvement in lighting technology since the invention of the light bulb. LED’s produce light by a semi-conductor chip in a process that is extremely efficient, thereby increasing their life span over conventional incandescent light bulbs by at least 20 times. LED’s use far less power than incandescent bulbs and emit negligible heat.
Current breakthroughs in LED technology, in the form of increased intensity and a wider color range, have made it possible for Carmanah to develop proprietary, patented technologies around the core concept of efficient LED illumination. By fully integrating a combination of LED’s, high-efficiency solar power, advanced power storage systems and intelligent power management, Carmanah produces Carmanah Lights -the world’s premier line of self-contained lighting products for navigation and hazard marking applications.

Quality You Can Rely On
Carmanah Lights meet ISO 900 I guidelines that strictly govern design, material selection, mold development, product assembly, product testing and quality control. The combination of state -of-the-art technology, aggressive research and development, and rigorous standards for testing ensure that Carmanah Technologies Inc. delivers long-term value to the markets it serves.

For a more thorough discussion of the features, proprietary technical innovations and competitive advantages inherent in every Carmanah Light, contact us at NOVA.

Imagine the Possibilities:
With thousands of potential applications, Carmanah Lights can be used to promote safe passage
in virtually any marine environment. Attach Carmanah Lights to a fixed pedestal or buoy to mark channels, moorings or marine hazards. Affix them to a dock or anchored boat or use them to clearly mark the perimeters of aquaculture farms, nets, breakwaters, boat ramps, boat houses, bridges, dredging lines, swim rafts, floating signs or any other marine infrastructure.
Carmanah Lights are the most technologically advanced, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for marine navigation and hazard marking. Contact your Authorized Carmanah Reseller today to discover why thousands of others around the world are using Carmanah Lights to meet their short to medium range solar lighting requirements.