Solar Hot WaterHere at Nova Independent Resources Ltd, we are proud to help our customers have solar hot water.

Solar hot water will solve many problems. Solar-heated water during the summer will allow you to shut down your home’s boiler from May through October. It will also save you gallons of oil or propane. The best part is that it will finally allow you to have reliable hot water throughout your home at all times.

Homes with solar hot water will not only save you money but also reduce the amount of carbon pollution. You will have clean, warm, and reliable hot water all year round.

The process is simple too! First, the sun hits collectors on the roof which heats non-toxic antifreeze mix and triggers a pump to activate. Next the pump moves the solar-heated mix from the roof down into the heat exchanger, which is located in the storage tank in the basement. After that, the hot water from the storage tank pumps out to the sinks, showers, and wherever else you need water in your home. Finally, you will have an automatic backup which provides hot water during extended periods where the weather is cooler.

Solar hot water is an excellent option for any home. For more information, contact us today at (250) 763-8484.