cabin or cottage...Pumping water with power from the sun is a natural. The two major water systems for domestic use are divided by the type of water source. If your water source is shallow (less than 15′ vertical) from your pump location, a shallow well or surface pump will suffice. These pumps are less expensive, operate at low voltage DC and are of positive displacement design which increases overall system efficiency.

If your water source is a deep well, then a submersible pump is typically the answer. NOVA offers the complete line of solar powered SolarJack DC submersibles, and AC submersibles that operate directly from inverters.
A typical water delivery system may contain one solar module to several modules that deliver current to pumping equipment. For continuous pumping, battery storage may be added, but for most applications a battery is not required since solar systems deliver the most water when the sun is brightest.

or any other application...With either a shallow or deep well system you need to provide pressure to charge your pressure/storage tank as well as bring the water into the house. This requires a pressure switch to automatically turn your pump on and off as water is needed. Another way to create pressure is to pump the water from the water source up to a tank substantially higher than the home. To produce 40 Ibs. of pressure, the holding tank would need to be 92 feet above the highest outlet in the house. If this resource is available – great, but installing a gravity system can easily far exceed the cost of a pressure tank and switch.

For livestock or small scale irrigation pumping systems, request our 20 page Water Pumping Catalog.

AC Submersible Pumps
subpumpdiagramIn home systems where a battery bank and an inverter are planned or in place, an AC 117 VAC submersible pump is a good option. Especially where wells are 20 ft. deep or more. These centrifugal pumps provide excellent reliability and long life. These units provide a substantial volume of water per minute and are therefore operated for a short time per day. The size and type of inverter is critical here. water pump and washing machine are usually operated together and both require surge ability from your inverter and batteries.