Tips on Going Solar

energy-139366_1280You have decided that you may want to go solar. We love hearing this and enjoy explaining to people why going solar is such a great idea. More and more people are going solar every single day. Keep reading for some of our tips on going solar.

Crunch the numbers
Sometimes the initial costs for going solar will scare people. They do not know, though, how much money they will save over time. Look up exactly how much you are spending on your energy bill per year prior to shopping for a solar energy system. This will help you know how much could you can save by using solar energy for so many years.

Check your roof
Make sure that your roof has adequate sun exposure. If it does not, that’s okay. You are still able to put solar panels in other places. Make sure that you know where you would be putting your panels prior to shopping.

Find out about installation
Installing your solar system is very important to do properly so that you receive all of the benefits from it. You will want it angled perfectly towards the sun. Make sure that you understand exactly how to install or know of a great company that can assist you with this.

Check the fine print
Make sure that you check the fine print prior to purchasing the panels. This is a big investment, so you want to be as smart as you possibly can be. Many will come to warranties, so it is important to know this.

Do your research
Salespeople in any industry can be more pushy than you wish. Make sure that you go in with a game plan and questions to ask so that you are able to find out which solar energy system would be best for you and your family.

Those are some of our tips for getting started with solar power. Although this may seem like a lot of work you have to do, once you actually make the purchase, it is very low maintenance. If you have any additional questions abouts about going solar, feel free to give us a call!